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We teach you the cryptocurrency basics and set up an account on an exchange together with you. After this training, you will be able to buy and sell currencies yourself. We are happy to answer your questions.

Flat rate CHF 300
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You have an account on an exchange and understand the basics? We can show you how you can invest profitably in cryptocurrencies in the long term. Our know-how is available to you without restriction.

CHF 180.-/h
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With the Cryptoverse Investor subscription you receive our exclusive newsletter. In the "Cryptoletters" we present a cryptocurrency in which we see a high return of investment. The subscription also gives you access to our private Discord server.

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Learn about the crypto ecosystem and understand it better than 99%.

Hurdle to entry

Getting started in crypto is not easy. How do I buy cryptos? What do I buy? What is a wallet? How do I stack?


Fraud attempts take place every day. Many have lost their cryptocurrencies because they clicked on a wrong link.


We teach you the craft so that you can make the right decisions on your own.

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Up to 4h individual training
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What our customers say

"Cryptoverse has made it very easy for me to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. Well-founded reports helped me to make my investment decisions. The community is also very nice and well-positioned - a clear recommendation!"

Livio Disler
Individual Training & Portfolio Analysis

"At the beginning I was sceptical, but I quickly realised the competence, passion and commitment that Cryptoverse has. As a matter of principle, I only recommend things that I am 120% convinced of. I can recommend Cryptoverse with a clear conscience!"

José Hernandenz
Individual training

"Often I am not sure when to sell and when to buy. Cryptoverse's answers and fundamental analysis have often saved me from making the wrong decisions."

Michele Paccuci
Individual Training & Portfolio Analysis

Frequently asked questions

What do I learn in a "Basic" one-to-one training?

In the Basics offer, we sit down with you for up to four hours. Together we will set up a crypto wallet and an account on a crypto exchange for you and thus facilitate your entry into the crypto market. We will show you how to carry out transactions and what you should pay attention to. In the meantime, we always explain to you why you should or even must proceed as we show you. This is how you learn about the mechanisms of a blockchain and cryptocurrencies. After the training, you will know the biggest stumbling blocks and how to avoid them. If you already own cryptocurrencies, we will take a look at them in the form of a portfolio analysis.

What do I learn in an "Advanced" one-to-one training?

You already know the basic mechanisms of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies and want to deepen your understanding of them? We will show you what an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is and how you can participate in it. You will learn what exactly a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is and how you can create, buy or sell them. In the NFT market, you can also earn coins through gaming. If this interests you, we will show you games that are fun and profitable. But you can also earn more coins with the coins you have already bought. With Staking and Farming, we give you a tool that lets your wallet grow without you having to invest more Swiss francs or US dollars.

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